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Community Association Rights

commThe community association industry includes an array of groups, specifically, residential condominium associations, commercial condominium associations, office parks, homeowner associations, and townhome associations. The community association industry is a hybrid between traditional general counsel services and debt collection practices, requiring a specialized expertise. While, there are many law firms varying in size from sole practitioners to fifteen lawyer firms who practice in this group in the metro Atlanta area, there are still no more than twenty law firms dedicated to this group of clients. The attorneys at Tucker Davis Law, LLC have been in the community association industry since 2007, with most of its clients being residential community associations addressing general day-to-day legal issues, amending governing documents, ensuring statutory and industry compliance, and decreasing outstanding delinquent assessment collection rates. 

Bankruptcy is a complicated and difficult process that requires advice and assistance from knowledgeable advisors. The team at Tucker Davis Law is experienced and works closely with their clients to analyze the situation and negotiate carefully structured workouts, reorganization and refinancing arrangements.

Debt Collection

Tucker Davis Law, LLC is a results orientated commercial collection law firm with an outstanding professional group of legal representations, collectors and administrative personnel. Our excellent staff produces a collection rate much higher than the industry average. We realize the importance of getting the job done, while maintaining good relations between you, your customers and clients. Along with consumer and commercial debt collection, we also handle skip-tracing and asset identification.

Consumer Debt Collection


The process for collecting unpaid debts owed by consumers to either businesses or other persons. Although all types of debt have increased, mortgage debt and credit card debt have increased the most, especially during the past decade. The five main types of delinquent debt that creditors now place with collectors are credit card, telecommunication (e.g., mobile phone), electric utility, healthcare, and government (e.g., taxes) debt. Due to the changes in the debt collection industry and laws protecting both lenders and consumers, the process for collecting debts is regulated to some extent. The invention and use of new technologies also has fundamentally altered the debt collection business. Communication technologies, in particular, have spurred profound changes in this industry. Debt collectors no longer must use individually-typed letters and manually-dialed telephone calls to contact consumers. Collectors now are able to easily and relatively inexpensively mass-produce and send letters to debtors. Collectors now also use sophisticated automated dialing and interactive voice recording technologies to efficiently place telephone calls to consumers. As a result, Dana Tucker Davis has been highly successful in collecting consumer debt since 2007.

Commercial Debt Collection

While there are no federal or state agencies monitoring or regulating the collection of debts between businesses or non-consumer debts, there is a high demand for collection of delinquency accounts, business loans, lines of credit, and personal guaranty obligations. Dana Tucker Davis has sought and collected debts on behalf of local banks and businesses since 2007.

Domestic Relations

86534489Our office handles non-contested domestic cases, including but not limited to: divorce, modification of custody, paternity, visitation and legitimation. We also handle child support cases on a case by case basis.


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