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The attorneys at Tucker Davis Law, LLC have been in the community association industry since 2007

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Dana Tucker Davis has been highly successful in collecting consumer debt since 2007.


Dana Tucker Davis has sought and collected debts on behalf of local banks and businesses since 2007.

Tucker Davis Law, LLC (“TDL”) is committed to continuing to provide quality and professional legal representation to all its community association clients as its attorneys have done for the past thirty  years. 

Growing a strong and well-knit community requires effective advocacy, leadership, negotiation and, when needed, enforcement. At TDL our community association team, including our transactional associates, litigators and dedicated paralegals, work closely with the governing bodies of community associations as well as their management companies and managers in representing a community association’s best interests.  Thus representation routinely includes advice, consultation, document revisions and litigation in respect to disputes that arise within and without the community. Our litigators are known to advocate zealously for our association clientele in matters concerning developers, the community association’s own members and other third parties.  As in all matters handled by our firm, we are dedicated to providing associations with dedicated, decisive and strategic representation in all aspects of community association law, including, but not limited to, corporate governance, amending governing documents, negotiating and drafting vendor contracts, collecting unpaid assessments, enforcing and prosecuting violations of community covenants and restrictions, negotiating and settling disagreements and disputes, instituting and foreclosing on liens and prosecuting lawsuits. Understanding the economic realities of community associations, TDL offers a unique cost-effective program to reduce the overall cost of representation. Our community association litigation team works in tandem with our community association transactional team to provide full-scale representation on behalf of our association clients.

TDL services for community associations include:

  • drafting and amending governing documents;
  • collecting unpaid assessments;
  • enforcing and prosecuting violations of community covenants and restrictions;
  • negotiating and settling disagreements and disputes;
  • instituting and foreclosing on liens;
  • casualty insurance claims and defenses;
  • vendor and contractor disputes; and
  • developer disputes and construction defect cases.

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